Ruben Calton

Ruben started shooting at the age of 7 years old and has been game shooting with his father Robert since a young age, travelling to game shoots and competitions.

He began with a 4/10 shot gun, then at the age of 9 moved to a 20 gauge then a 15 gauge when he was 11, which he continues to use today.

Ruben loves Pigeon Shooting, Crow Shooting, Fox Shooting and Gamekeeping.

He has been training at the Academy for the last six months being coached by Philip. Quidenham Estate Shoot sponsor his clays and Philip sponsors his coaching.

Ruben is currently in B Class and Colts with a 76% average.

On Sunday 21st August 2022 Ruben got his PB score of 91×100 at Barrow Sporting Clays.

Joined the Academy: 

Shooting Fields:

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Ruben Calton

Ruben's Shooting Achievements


  • 1st in Colts 1st in B Class – British Open Sporting
  • 2nd in Colts English Open 2022
  • 3rd in B Class English Open 2022
  • 2nd in Colts – CPSA Colts Challenge at The Game Fair
  • 1st in Colts – The Essex NGO Competitions
  • 2nd in Colts and 3rd in B Class – English Open Championships

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