Seth Peters

Seth started shooting at the age of 12, joining the Academy in 2019. Under coaching from Ben Thorrold, Seth quickly progressed through C class into B class. During that time, he was 3rd in C class at the Essex Masters and C class High Gun for the English Open in 2022 (98/100). 

In 2023 Seth progressed into A class and started coaching from Philip Thorrold. Philip helped him hugely with concentration and Seth’s mental performance. Seth has been selected to represent England Juniors at the World Sporting Championship in the USA in 2024. .

Seth’s aims for the year are to be placed in the top 3 juniors at the World Sporting and to progress into AA class. 

As well as clay shooting, Seth enjoys the Game Season, this includes: beating, game shooting as well as roost shooting and conservation involved with a game shoot to be successful. 

Seth’s best advice is to focus as hard as you can on every target and to continue building your score through a round – forgetting about the misses. 


Joined the Academy: 2019


Seth Peters

Seth's Shooting Achievements


  • 3rd in Colts and High Gun for C Class at the English Open Sporting

  • 3rd in C Class at Essex Masters

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